The Stash Energy Mini-Split Heat Pump

The Evolution of the Mini-Split Heat Pump

The only mini-split heat pump with built-in thermal energy storage with a smart grid and smart home-ready thermostat.

Flexible single-zone heating and air-conditioning for year-round comfort. The most sustainable heating and air-conditioning product on the market.

Choose the Stash Energy Heat Pump and protect our environment while supporting the electricity grid and lowering your energy costs.

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Year-Round Comfort

Heat pumps are the most efficient way to heat and cool your home.

Instead of generating energy for heating or air-conditioning, air-source heat pumps like the Stash Energy Heat Pump draw heat from the outside air during the heating season and reject heat outside during the summer cooling season.

Heat pumps are much more efficienct than other types of heating and air-conditioning system like window A/C units, A/C-only mini-splits, oil furnaces, or electric baseboard. Heat pumps have the added benefit being able to heat or air-condition, keeping you comfortable all year.

Stash Your Energy with Thermal Energy Storage

Energy storage systems like the Stash Energy Heat Pump allow homeowners to store energy during off-peak hours (like when we are sleeping) for use during peak times (like when we all wake up) when electricity is more expensive for the utility to generate.

By using energy storage to shift when your Stash Energy Heat Pump demands energy from the grid, your Stash Enegy Heat Pump will help your electric utility rely less on GHG-emitting 'peaker plants' that use coal or natural gas to generate electricity and lets the utility rely more on reneable energy.

Stash Energy will help you get enrolled in your utility’s demand response program or time-of-use rate so you can start saving.

Set It and Forget It

Schedule when you heat or cool your home.

Choose your temperature and let your Stash Energy Heat Pump save you money and lower your emissions.

No pre-heating, no pre-cooling, and you never need to turn your heat pump off to support the grid.

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Lower Your Small Business' Fixed Costs

With the Stash Energy Heat Pump, businesses can save with utility demand response programs, time-of-use rates, or reduced monthly demand charges. The system may even allow you to benefit from local heat pump and energy efficiency rebates.

Stash Energy works with your local electric utility and our local installation partners to maximize how much you can save on your heating and air-conditioning costs.

Keep your customers and employees comfortable year-round without hurting your bottom line with the Stash Energy Heat Pump – the sustainable heating and cooling solution.


Heat Pump (Outdoor Unit)

Heat pumps are air-conditioners that can run in reverse. This outdoor component of the Stash system includes the variable speed compressor, refrigeration, and controls that provide heating and air-conditioning to the home. The heat pump is connected by the refrigerant line to the energy storage radiator.

Nominal Size

24 kBTU


Heating and Air-Conditioning


100cm (40”) wide, 80cm (32”) tall, 43cm (17”) deep

Operating Range (Heating)

-30°C to 24°C / -22°F to 75°F

Operating Range (Cooling)

-18°C to 54°C / 0°F to 129°F

Energy Storage Radiator (Indoor Unit)

The energy storage radiator is what makes the Stash Energy Heat Pump unique. All heat pumps have a "head" which blows the air that the heat pump conditions. The Stash Energy radiator - the head - contains our energy storing material (phase change material, "PCM"), the heat exchanger, and a quiet variable speed fan.


Heating and Air-Conditioning

Max Output

18 kBTU


119cm (46.9”) wide, 35cm (13.6”) deep, 77cm (30.4”) tall

Load shifting per cycle

40000 BTU

Time to discharge at 100% output

4 hour

Number of cycles per 24 hour period


Load shifting capabilities

2 kW

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